I work in the field of computational neuroscience, meaning that I use computer models to try to understand and recreate the brain’s abilities. I am particularly interested in how the brain is able to iteratively improve itself, building upon previous skills and knowledge in order to develop an increasingly advanced behavioural repertoire. My approach is to work at the intersection between neuroscience and computation; by building detailed neural models that integrate new theories from computational fields such as reinforcement learning and deep learning, I seek to investigate how those theories might inform our understanding of the brain, and vice versa.

Current work

I am currently a Senior Research Scientist at Applied Brain Research, a company I co-founded with other members of the Computational Neuroscience Research Group in 2014.
My research focuses on the integration of deep learning and neuromorphic methods, where I apply insights gained from basic research in computer/neuro science to develop new applications, both in hardware and software.